Why Choose Us


Recording Studio works in various styles and directions using modern equipment and tools. Good acoustics, comfortable home furnishings will help you not only to work fruitfully, but also have a good rest!

The activity of our company can be divided into two segments: business services (promotional audio clips, voice and video translation, dubbing, audio books, and ivr voice menu) and music Services (record vocals and instruments, writing arrangements and bits, mixing and mastering, recording songs under the key and songs as a gift).

What We Do

Recording Studio performs vocal recording of any complexity. Vocal recording is carried out with high-quality tube microphones such legendary producers as: "´╗┐Neumann", "Gefell", "Lomo", "Oktava".

We want to stay always in touch with you and provide the 24/7 support for our customers. It doesn't matter where do you live. The support team is waiting for your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Regardless of the kind of your activity, whether you are a professional musician or businessman who needs the voice of your advertisement, you can be assured of quality performed by our specialists of musical works.

Original music that makes each order  special!

Meet Our Team

Alice Puse


Tom James


Eva Savits


John Franklin